heterolysis, for me also the catchword was "using technology used to make photographic film".
Speaking of profitable, the same source cites Fuji as follows:

Fujifilm posts increased profit in Fiscal 2012/13
Fujifilm Holdings Corp. announced that it had posted a 24.0 % gain in net profit for the fiscal year 2012/13, raising net profits to 54.3 billion yen (US$559.8 million). The growth was helped largely by the depreciating value of the yen. The company’s Imaging Solutions Unit posted an 8.6% drop to 294.8 billion yen (US$3.04 billion), with a loss of 2.2 billion yen (US$22.68 million), an improvement from last year’s loss of 294.8 billion yen. The company blamed poor sales of digital compact cameras for the slow recovery, and posted a fiscal outlook of 2,350 billion yen in
sales, with an operational profit of 140 billion yen and a net profit of 70 billion yen, for the coming fiscal year 2013/14.