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I think that you guys are being unrealistic. To make a reasonable color film there are 3 couplers that must be custom made in a lab by an organic chemist. There are 3 sensitizing dyes that require the same, and there are dozens of other custom items that must be made before the film can be coated.

There is custom gelatin that must be made. There is a custom hardener that must be made and there are requirements for handling of toxic materials in the lab and as waste.

You need between 3 and 9 custom emulsions.

And, you have to coat between 6 and 14 layers at one time or in turn. The latter drives up the price manyfold and introduces a huge defect opportunity as handling increases.

You need a coating staff and a testing staff in addition to those chemists and emulsion makers.

And sales must pay for them, the plant and leave some for profit.

And then you need an advertizing campaign and customers to make the money come in.

WHO thought up this stuff? Oh, that's right--guys like PE did. Amazing. There's what?--104 elements in the periodic table, and that's all this world has? And they figured out how to combine the few of them that CAN be combined to get this stuff. That's purely amazing.