I come bearing updates! First, I have gotten me a lensboard! Found the fellow in a box of odd pieces of metal left over from projectors. Almost a perfect match, I need to improvise a simple gasket to keep the lens snug and drill 4 extra holes for the bellows frame. Simple task.
I will go for a similar approach for front standard as I used on my previous camera, described here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum147/...il-camera.html
I have also realized the seriousness of the task at hand, folding camera has far less tolerances for the whole assembly, as where with my monorail I pretty much tossed the whole thing together only with some mental notes and minimal measurements. This is far more complicated but I am certain I can make it. Still easier than getting a fair priced Crown or Speed Graphic at this point of the world. No rear shutter or RF focus, though.
For body I found something labelled as DIY Board at the local hardware store. It essentially is a spruce edge glued panel. Not the prettiest thing around but it combined with some birch plywood will do the trick.
I am still on the lookout for better "railway" and a spring back. So far, no luck. I could use the railway I have at my disposal but it is quite worn out and would need replacement in the coming years. I can also use similar solution they use on 4x5 pinholes to secure the film holder but I am not giving up on finding a spring back yet.