Both Foma and Ilford have made colour materials in the past. Foma's were probably based on the old Per-war Agfa formulas. They can't dust off those old formulas as they are not for the current popular process of E-6 and or C-41 (or ECN2 and ECP2).

There have been rumours out of China on APUG that someone by the name of SUNNY has set up to produce a colour product based on the old Ferania/Dynacolor/3M/Imation/Ferania products. This rumour is vague enough that it might (or might not) include actual machinery and technology.

Foma has been using Film Cassettes that are identical to what ferania was using at the close, so it is likely that they have bought at least Some items from the ferania Close out sale.

Anyone who used Ferania Film will of course remember that while it was "Good" it was not "Great". Anyone who is still using film is probably looking for GREAT.

Another shade on this topic is that the Kodak film Marketing business is now owned by the Kodak Limited pension Plan. I would be surprised if someone has not been working on a spreadsheet on the economics of buying or leasing Harrow to make smaller batches of Film than is economical at Building 38. That sort of plan may have one of the remaining makers contracting to do the conversion and packaging of the coated film. If the files were not already thrown away, it should only take a few months work to get at least Kodacolour back in production there.

The take away is that it probably is not worth speculating at this point. let sjust enjoy what we have.