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Maco do not have own production facilities.
Maco does cut and package 35mm and 120 film, Yes? or No?

Maco does not coat film emulsions, Yes? or No?

Is Ferannia back up and running and making film?

Agfa Belgium is the main supplier of film for Maco right? Do they supply large rolls to be cut and packaged into 35mm and 120?

Wittner-Cinetec definately cuts down large rolls of Agfa Aviphot Chrome 200 into movie film and 35mm.

In what form of large rolls are supplied by Agfa Belgium for Maco to sell? Does Agfa Belgium supply large rolls of 35mm and 120 film to be packaged by others?

Cutting, perforating 35mm film is not that rare, in fact in Oxnard, California Ultrafineonline can peforate 35mm film and package it into 35mm cartridges, Adox is capable of cutting and packaging 120 film