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Not sure if posted in the correct area of the forum, but thought I would mention that some years ago I needed reading glasses. Having recently bought a Zeiss Ikonta, I find it difficult to read the numbers of aperture and speed without reading glasses and not wanting to take glasses with me when walking round with a camera, I bought one of those small flat plastic magnifiers based on the Fresnel screen principle. Cutting this in half gives me a 1 square bit of plastic that I carry attached to the strap to read the numbers. I thought this tip may be useful info to others who need reading glasses.

I've been thinking about painting the shutter speed numbers on my M3 in color groups, sort of like the (flash sync) color groups on a Nikon F. Made going without glasses much easier when I was still using that camera. Even in Leica-land I don't think a shutter speed dial would be too expensive. The aperture markings I can still figure out, for now, from their shape.

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