hi michael

nice grouping !

i guess i could critique you and mention dust, things to crop, lighting &c but i don't think that matters
fill light might help illuminate your subject a little more, if you are going for
the "beauty shot" aesthetic, but if these are photographs of a friend, at ease
in front a a lens and you at ease with her, i think they worked out ...

you could easily fix the lighting in the dark ( or light ) room but burning and dodging
and crop funny lines ( by thigh ) or spot the dust out ...
using natural light to make portraits is never an easy task, flat overcast light is nice
bright sun burns out highlights and makes heavy shade .. reflectors and flash can help
but then you have brought a studio along with you ... a flash and a cord might be fun too
plug it into your PC socket and match it to the sun, and use it as a fill ... it all takes practice ..

it looks like you will have lots more nice photographs coming out of your camera, keep practicing ...