Ha! Yosemite Valley was a developed tourist destination long before Ansel Adams was even born. And there were famous photographers working there well before his time too. I grew up not too far from the south boundary of the park. We referred to it as the "city". My baby sitter as an infant claimed to be the first white woman to ever visit Yosemite. ... the timing is realistic, since she was 95 when I was born. Somewhere we've got some early photos where the Ahwahneechee Indians running around naked in front of bark huts. The Valley was inhabited all along. Perhaps the last surviving member of that specific dialect was 122 when I was 12; and I had to communicate through a Paiute translator, or more specifically, Western Mono. .. a man who himself crossed the Sierra barefoot as a teenager to trade obsidian, and recalled this particular individual as an aged man when he was a child! But as a bratty kid, I wasn't allowed to enter Best Studio, because they had all those little ceramic chipmunks etc set up right on the edges of shelving, so kids like me would knock them off, and our parents
would be forced to pay for them. At that time AA sold prints there for four dollars apiece, though these were probably mass produced by his
assistants. But there's way way more the Park than just the Valley. You can walk a week in some of the quieter areas without seeing anyone