Velvia for LF is gone. If I get evil ... from a corporate point of view and when movies fully go digital, what if all slide film gets canned. It might make sense financially. No need to produce slide chemistry to the few labs either. If they produce disposable proprietary (to most ordinary people), digital cameras. They could get rid of C41. And what's left are b/w. I don't know how credible but a report in Fuji said that in 2000 they had 19% of the business in film and now it's just 1.9%.

I am only in little NZ but 1 lab here does slides, in my city. 3 does C41 in total. A few more may do prints off film but they outsource the development even thou they have a Fuji Fronteir machine. And of course many more, do digital prints only off their Frontiers like electronic appliance stores ie digital kiosks.