Was hoping I wasn't going to have to do my own schematic. Never cost effective to do what has already been done.
Yes to nameplate ID is "Catalog Number 8177" Front Panel labeling is a bit different than the current
offering. Name and logo on upper left corner rather than right.
Timing circuits are likely the 556 and a 555 on the board, for tenths, seconds, and beep.
Haven't hunted down the what goes where yet,
Assume the switches go to the resistor networks. Trimming resistors evident..
Will be checking the coil for drive on the relay. Get and idea if we have dead relay or something more electronic.
Beseler offered that a repair is likely more expensive than buying a new one if I sent it in. "No schematic available" from them.
No problemo, image both sides of the board, ohm out the traces and check out the wire harness.
I should have layout, schematic and parts list developed in a few days.
Gralab will handle it until I have the 8177 repaired.
Thanks to all. Grey Head needs a reality check often at my age.