Dan, Thanks for the comments and I copied them into a file so I can go through the suggestions.
I used the RH/10 back mainly due to cost, they are only about $75
The materials for the camera body are less than $30, and the older Takumar lenses are also available for less than $200 from KEH etc.

For next, version 2 body I have a big copal "495" shutter, it is on a phenolic plate, does not look like an ordinary shutter, I think it was intended for behind the lens.
I was happy to find that for $40 . The Takumar 6X7 wide angle lenses are retrofocal and have large diameter rear elements, hence I need a big shutter behind the lens.

To save loading the holder I have a lens bag that is light tight and wide enough to take the truck, so I can just changeover as necessary..

I also have a new Prontor shutter. I have ordered a metric screw cutting gear for my lathe.
The thought there is to do as you suggest and make a mini MF camera with a wide angle lens. For example I have a 50mm Rogonar-S enlarger lens.
I can machine the metric adaptors, and I was looking at the Crayford focusser for that idea.
regards !