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I almost feel like its the nature of the type of film that beat it... Because you don't shoot models with it (as far as I understand its still more of a landscape film) so you usually have a tripod anyway, so why use a grainier (even if it wasn't bad) film when you can just use Velvia or Provia 100f?

That's probably why it didn't last, it was the application that killed it. If Astia had stuck around and there were an Astia400, that would probably have sold more as its good for skin tones (I'm told Astia was best for skin so in this example Astia400 would be good for skin too).

Many years ago I regularly shot the Provia 100 (no 'F') with a pale amber filter; for people photography (which was my interest so many years ago) I like the effect better with a bit of warmth added.

There was a thread here on APUG last year that bemoaned the odd colour of 400X in artificial light, a sort of "Instagram-look". I remember viewing the pics and thinking they looked very antique by the palette alone. Who posted that thread??