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It's good. Bear in mind it's grainy compared to a 100 slide film or compared to print film (but amazing compared to older previously available 400 slide films) and gets grainier with under exposure so exposing correctly is even more important than with other slide film. But I like it a lot. See the photo of my wife from our honeymoon on my Flickr page. I would embed it but would have to go find it from my iPhone right now and don't have time.
Back from my weekend trip and on a PC now. Here's the photo of my wife from our honeymoon last year, flying kites on Jockey's Ridge at Kitty Hawk, Pentax MX, Vivitar Series 1 28-105, exposure and focal length unrecorded but metered with the internal MX meter and almost certainly toward the longer end of that lens' range:

Alicia_Kite1_LowRes by Roger Cole, on Flickr