I've been out of the country for three years, and finally returned home. I stored a Kiev 88 with a kit Volna-3 80mm f2.8 lens in the attic and pulled it out today.

Exercising the camera, I noticed that the aperture on the Volna opens as I widen the aperture, but does not stop down as I narrow it. It only narrows if I operate the DoF lever on the lens. Further, it does not stop down on release of the shutter. For example, if I set the shutter on B, and the aperture at f22, then trigger the shutter, the aperture remains wide open.

The simple workaround is to operate the DoF lever on the lens before firing the shutter, which stops down the aperture and leaves it stopped down, but my question is this: Is this normal, or is it broken? I haven't used the camera in so long that I can't remember.