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Many years ago I regularly shot the Provia 100 (no 'F') with a pale amber filter; for people photography (which was my interest so many years ago) I like the effect better with a bit of warmth added.

There was a thread here on APUG last year that bemoaned the odd colour of 400X in artificial light, a sort of "Instagram-look". I remember viewing the pics and thinking they looked very antique by the palette alone. Who posted that thread??
Filters can do wonders,

I have seen many Kodachrome images with false skin tones, but then recently came upon two random in a box of old enlarger stuff that is certainly Kodachrome but is indeed really beautiful and accurate skin tones. This was taken by my best friends grandfather presumably, he was an amateur but you could tell he really took his time and owned the right equipment for the job. Sadly his house was on a lake and his graflock 4x5 and all his ektachrome 4x5 and Tri-x 4x5's were all covered in mold, this was mold beyond the normal paranoid that I get, like, visibly growing on the equipment, sad how some in old age let their lives go, it's what killed him, living in the mold filled house, I was only there about 30 minutes and already was having trouble breathing.

Anyway, guess I'll have to enjoy this last brick I have and move on

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