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For next, version 2 body I have a big copal "495" shutter, it is on a phenolic plate, does not look like an ordinary shutter, I think it was intended for behind the lens.
I was happy to find that for $40 . The Takumar 6X7 wide angle lenses are retrofocal and have large diameter rear elements, hence I need a big shutter behind the lens.


The thought there is to do as you suggest and make a mini MF camera with a wide angle lens. For example I have a 50mm Rogonar-S enlarger lens.
I can machine the metric adaptors, and I was looking at the Crayford focusser for that idea.
regards !
Oh, the corrupting power of found money! Sorry, found shutter.

The shutters I suggested have maximum openings no smaller than the 45 mm you say y'r Copal 495 has. Ilex and Compound 5s open to around 65 mm.

Play is good, so is keeping busy, but enlarging lenses typically cover around 50 degrees and are of normal construction. When a lens of normal construction is focused to infinity, its rear node will be one focal length from the film plane. A 50 mm enlarging lens will cover 24x36 at infinity with a slight margin for movements.

If you want to use w/a lenses on a box with P67 register, you're pretty well limited to lenses for the P67 and for 6x7 cameras with longer registers.

Good luck, keep on scheming and plotting,