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Well, the problem is that it will take a multimillion dollar investment to get started, and it will take years before any product comes out of the plant. I would guess about 5 years starting from the time the plant facility is ready to roll and the time usable product comes out the other end. This is based on having no formulas or engineers and working from patents alone. It may take longer. It may take less if you have some experienced persons on board.

Look how long it is taking TIP to produce a product and they had a plant, engineers and formulas.

And, BTW, I have said before that E6 will go before C41. There is just no demand for Pos-Pos systems, but the Motion Picture industry still drives C41.

Ok, you have spelled out the enormous barrier to entry for a new company, but how about for a company that's already making the product but whose machine is waaaay too big? How difficult would it be for them to build a scaled down machine to meet the smaller market? I know this does not match the mindset in Rochester and I do remember your posts from a couple years ago on the difficulties of expanding production of same products to new or different plants. I am asking for wild speculation, considering the possibility that somebody (maybe the marketing company) purchases the production division as a whole, along with all the people.