Yes, the 167 MT does have a built-in motor drive. It's capable of somewhere around 3fps. I owned two of them, and later an RX. Never had the least peep out of them for service, except once the clip that held the interchangeable focus screen frame broke. Of course it happened while I was in Belize, where even if it had been a Nikon or Canon I wouldn't have been able to get it fixed. I was able to tape the screen in place and it worked just fine for the duration of my trip. I have no idea WHY that happened, but after getting it fixed, it never happened again, and I had those cameras for a good 8 years more.

As to the 139Q, the electronics in it are getting OLD, so I'd much rather have a 167MT on that count. Just like the original RTS - great camera, when it's working, but if it conks on you, it's a bookend because it's so old even mechanical parts are scarce to non-existent for some components, and double that for the metering system.