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To start with, I am not the person to bequeath anything to posterity regarding all film manufacture. I know small bits and pieces of things but not everything. And, in some cases I never was involved in actual products. So, I know little about E6 products, but know a fair bit about C41 and some B&W products. But, then again that knowledge is out of date as of the time I retired. That is the reason for an NDA. It obsoletes information. So, there are better people to talk to about these subjects.

As for making a chemical plant, very admirable! But in the case of film, that is a tiny fraction of the overall plant. You need custom synthesis, custom coating, and custom chemical prep. See Bob Shanebrook's book for all of this stuff. So, making film is building a chemical plant times 4 or so just to get started. Do able? Yes! Desirable? Maybe, because without enough revenues you lose money.

Now, I don:t think anything posted here makes this thread crazy.

Oh, and BTW, a Saturn V by today's technology is primitive. Today, we would use light weight materials and a solid fuel rocket to get that baby moving. And the astronauts would have the same chance as the Shuttle astronauts did or better.

I meant crazy as in lots of posts...

Can't you be encouraged to help with the posterity of film, at least consider it...

And your knowledge is much more than most and "older" outdated knowledge that can be had is better than newer knowledge that is still sealed away by contracts and patent law.

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