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Ok, you have spelled out the enormous barrier to entry for a new company, but how about for a company that's already making the product but whose machine is waaaay too big? How difficult would it be for them to build a scaled down machine to meet the smaller market? I know this does not match the mindset in Rochester and I do remember your posts from a couple years ago on the difficulties of expanding production of same products to new or different plants. I am asking for wild speculation, considering the possibility that somebody (maybe the marketing company) purchases the production division as a whole, along with all the people.
Building a smaller coating machine, or starting up a small one that is mothballed would not be hard. It would be costly! And, the market would have to justify that expense. So, a big fast machine for Motion Picture and a small one for commercial B&W and Color. Great, a can-do job. But right now, MP is supporting commercial. I don't think that commercial is a stand alone exercise.