After another two crohn's flares and some consideration I am taking the Super Graphic outfit and the 100 wfe off of the market. Given my health it makes little sense in selling it just to buy another 4x5 and another wide angle for it. I might consider trades of these items for a light weight field camera with at least 14 inches of bellows, preferably more, and lighter than my S.G. and a modern coatings 90mm.

Some price reductions-
6. 240mm Sinaron-N f/5.6 in Copal #3 REDUCED TO $210
11. 162mm Ilex Acutar F/6.3 in Copal #0 REDUCED TO $135
12. 210mm Topcor (Horseman) F/5.6 in Copal #1 REDUCED TO $145
13. 114mm Tominon F/4.7 REDUCED TO $75
15. RB67 180mm K/L, Ex+, REDUCED TO $100
16. RB67 150mm Soft Focus with one disc, VG+ with Ex- glass, REDUCED TO $100
18. Nikon AF 20mm f/2.8, ugly, w/ hood- REDUCED TO JUST $150
19. Tamron Nikon mount 35-105mm f/2.8 REDUCED TO $105