The 240mm Sironar-N is in Keh BGN condition, a real value and the glass is still nice, it has a dent on the filter ring but my filters still screw on. It comes with non-original caps that work. Shutter speeds sound good. Get it and go make some pictures, or not and I'll keep it - but its a bit heavier than I want for a long 4x5 short 8x10 lens.

240-2.jpg 240-3.jpg

Goerz Doppel Anastigmat 10 3/4" - An odd one and an old one, this lens it between 100 and 115 years old by my recollections of the research from when I got it from Mr Galli. Someone once painted it black. It even has a little paint on the glass, but nothing that should keep it from being useful. The glass is otherwise quite decent for its age. This is a 4 /4 design that predated the Celor and Dogmar. With flange. Studio Shutter actually works... mostly, the iris is no longer round but it opens and closes quickly when used with a long throw release.

doubleanast1.jpg doubleanast2.jpg

Ilex Acutar 162mm f/6.3 in Copal #0. This is a modern tessar type similar in construction and performance to the longer Kodak Commercial Ektars. Cocking lever was previously shortened. A great little lens, an affordable and lightweight alternative to the 150 and 180 plasmats.

acutar1.jpg acutar2.jpg

210mm Topcor (Horseman) plasmat, covers 4x5 with tons of movement I'm sure it probably covers 5x7. Very sharp, very contrasty, very modern look. I squeezed the aperture mounting it a few years ago and got some grease on the iris, cleaned it, and have used it for several hundred shots- it is still fine. The speeds sound good too me. Takes 67mm filters. Overall it is Ex to Ex- condition depending upon how picky you are about dust and perhaps minor cleaning marks, can't tell for sure with my eyesight. Caps fit very well. An excellent value soley because its from Topcor rather than Nikon or Fuji, its just as good.

topcor1.jpg topcor2.jpg