sorry I read 1N not F1N, my apologies...

That said, the BODY alone of the 1V is 2lbs (945 grams), that's without a lens... I shoot weddings with that and a 70-200 2.8 II for 10 hours straight, so I don't sympathize at all. That's 3.3lbs (1485 grams) for just the lens... 5.3lbs plus flash of 0.90lbs (405 grams) = 6.2 lbs... In 100 degree heat... And that's just ONE camera, I also carry other lenses on me to switch or a second body.

I also use my RZ67 and 180mm lens as a "walk around" sometimes... Haha

Must be my Italian side that's able to handle it

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I must be a weakling, Stone , but I am almost in my mid seventys.