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I really only shoot transparency in 35mm for projection. B&W and color print in 120 and 4x5. I do shoot print film in 35mm too when lighter quicker handling cameras, zoom lenses or faster lenses than I have in 120 are needed.

I'm probably going to pick up some 400X in 120 but other than the fact I won't be able to layer I really don't know why!
I just want to see my chromes on a light box in 4x5...I could stare for hours...

Also Roger I picked up an Agfa super slide projector at a good will but it was missing the tray, I think I remember hearing you discuss them, do you have any extra trays? It's a line tray instead of a circular one as far as I can tell.

And WOW Australia film prices are just silly, I would probably quit film at those prices, that's 5 times the price of some films here...

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