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Put those Kiron lenses on Ebay and you will see that they are not even worth listing.

I'm not saying that they are not any good. They were good. Back in the 80's a friend of mine bought a Pentax ME Super Program. He wanted a zoom lens but couldn't afford the Pentax. I recommended that he buy a Kiron which he did. He loved the lens and claimed the Kiron zoom was sharper than his Pentax 50mm prime lens. Did I believe him? Well lets just say I was happy that he was happy!
Good morning, Alan Gales;

Again, I did say that the main thing is still the difficulty of getting the buyer with a need, together with the seller. e-Bay "MIGHT" help. My experience with e-Bay has been very disappointing. It does seem that not many sellers on e-Bay read that part of the e-Bay definition of a "used" item where it refers to it as being "fully operational and functions as originally intended." I realize that at this time, e-Bay and Craig's List are probably the best ways to even find something that will work with many of these older cameras.

And, unlike your friend, I have not said that zoom lenses are the equal of, or better than, single or "prime" focal length lenses. However, I have noted that with the continuing development and refinement in the computer lens design programs for zoom lenses or variable focal length lenses in the last decade or two, the differential is getting smaller.

And, yes, I will also agree that for many people today, any camera body that uses "film" for its image storage medium, by definition is "obsolete." I have even benefited by this attitude, with the result that just two weeks ago, a Canon EOS-620 was handed to me, for free, with the comment; "It might even work." When I put a $15.00 USD 2CR5 Li-Ion battery into the EOS-620, it did work.

And, noting the existence of that pervasive attitude about film cameras out there, someone must have gotten through to all of us, or why would we even be here on APUG?

OK. I'm done. No more.