Lee, I'm sorry to hear about the car and your wife's mother... send her my best wishes.

As to the drymounting... I'm now eagerly searching for a cheap drymount in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as it makes the matting so much easier (to me) than the process with taping.

The mat lee cut looks great while mine appears to the naked eye to be a little off (hey, it was the first real mat I've ever cut!). I must say that I wish I'd started "finishing" my work years ago as the presentation of a piece greatly adds to the look of the image--though no finishing will make a bad image better. I've ordered two frames which will be here next week and will get the images up on the wall.

lee was extrememly helpful and his darkroom is shaping up wonderfully and will look amazing when he's finished. I wish I didn't live so far away (45min-1hr) or I'd try to get in on it! I've only printed with a condensor and color head and he showed me his cold light head. I must say that anyone who has never seen one it's actually quite surreal to see an enlarger emitting such a brilliant blue and/or green.

It was definitely a great afternoon and I'm looking forward to meeting him again after I scan his images for him.