I find the 65 M-LA and the APO telephotos (I have the 250) to be noticeably sharper than my 110; the tradeoff is that the 65 has nasty bokeh which seems to be an unavoidable consequence of greatly corrected spherical aberration as per the floating element. The 180 W-N seems similar to the 110 in resolution. The 140 M-LA is also reputed to be extremely sharp but I haven't got my hands on one just yet.

I sold my non-floating 50mm after a couple of weeks because it was impossibly soft in the corners, visibly worse than shooting a decent lens on 35mm film. The 50 ULD is meant to be nearly as sharp as the 65 M-LA.

It's also possible that my 110 isn't the sharpest instance of that lens ever made...

Edit: of course I'm talking about the wider (f/2.8 to f/5.6) apertures here. They're all getting on for being diffraction-limited around f/11 or so.