Hey guys,

So when I initially bought my RZ67 II it came with this finder, the owner before me said he had gotten it used because he didn't like the WL Finder, so it came with my kit. Well it never worked and I couldn't figure out why, then I realized after some research it was because I had the Pro II body and this finder only works (electronically) with the original RZ67 body. Sadly I don't know anyone with the original Pro body to officially test it, all I get when I use it is that the lights do show up and indicate under exposure always, but I think that's a product of it not working with my body, not the finder being broken, that said, I can't guarantee it will work either. It's in pretty rough shape, but absolutely no mold or fungus, anyone who knows me, knows I'm stupid careful about that, so rest assured, it's safe. It appears as if the coating on the inside of the eyecup area has come loose inside the body, it's hard to describe but it just looks like formica.

ANYWAY, I've really only used it as a finder when I have my tripod really high and can't see the WLF, but it's so rare for me to be that high, and it takes up a lot of space in my bag, so I'm selling it, CHEAP, or I think it's cheap considering the prices of these things. It's really beat up looking, this has been well loved, just not by me, it was like this when I got it, it doesn't have a cap for the body attaching area either, I know they are like $20 new at B&H I just never bothered to get one as the way I had it positioned in my bag the glass was protected by the foam.

$78 CONUS total including shipping!

Here are some pictures...


I'm also willing to trade for some 4x5 LF items, Transparency film, or a cheap lens perhaps. A Ground Glass Loupe, umm I dunno, think of something you think is fair and ask, there's lots of stuff I might need.