That just makes me sad. Especially as a Swedish citizen, once very proud of the accomplishment that Hasselblad represented. Amazing design, first class products that are a joy to use, and with great results.

The emotional side of me still can't fathom what they have done to their reputation and their brand; somebody is seriously trying to milk the brand to death. All those decades of building up a stellar reputation, down the drain in a couple of flushes. So short sighted. So stupid.

The rational side of me realizes that camera manufacturers sees much increased competition from nontraditional competitors - manufacturers of phones, tablets/iPads, even eye glasses (Google) - they realize they can't keep selling something that is increasingly perceived by the general public as something big, bulky, impractical, etc ad nauseum. So they have to do something in this marketplace of commodities.

To me, they should have focused on building premium products, and maintain the ergonomics and design that they have become so famous for. Why not build a camera that is modular and upgradeable? How many of us are tired of things that become obsolete every few years? Example, my iPhone 4 is not only two years old, and even though it's as shiny as it was when I first got it, it feels old somehow. If I could have one where the buttons wouldn't wear out, and I could instead upgrade the 'guts' of the phone, and pay less than I do for a brand new phone, I'd do it in a heart beat. But instead I will eventually have to replace it, because that's how it works these days.