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My first thought about this Hasselblad thing was they took one of the 2 handles off a handgun and bolted it on a cheap digital camera. Big deal. In other news, Apple turned in a good quarter and the stock went up $16 dollars in after hours trading. So there's your digital camera market right there.
Apple turned in a good quarter only when applied to the "market's expectations". These were set up days earlier by sapper analysts who overstate, with full knowledge, their expectations of Apple's price drop. Apple "beats the street", everybody cheers and the charade goes on. Fact is Apple was down, what, 22%? I'm OT enough as it is but, believe me, there's a rogue Nobel out there for anyone who studies stock analysts's "failures" rather than their methods.

A collaboration with Ferrari is a not-so-rare marketing ploy. Colnago did it too: More curves, that paint color, that horse, done. Enzo too would be as heartsick as would Hasselblad.