Not sure where to post this. I tried making a digital contact sheet last night, by putting an old light box on top of my document scanner. I was pleasantly surprised with both the overall quality and speed I could do this.

There were a couple problems which I would like to work out.

There appears to be some sort of moire pattern? I dont know much about this. I reduced the contrast enough to pronounce the problem.

It almost looks like what happens when you take a photo of a computer screen....the banding. Is that from the monitor/light flicker? The pattern differs when I zoom/resize. Whatever it is, I think it is from the light source?

The light source is also not very well diffused, being much brighter in the center. So the edges of the contact sheet are lighter.

I could blur and size these down....but I would like to be able to see them at the size I have scanned....800dpi and tell if anything is out of focus.

Does anyone do this on the regular, and have any tips? Different light box, or light panel maybe? I know I could get a V750 or similar, overkill for contact sheets though. I might consider it so I could scan my 8x10 negatives though. But then again if I could work out these problems, I could use the solution to scan my 8x10 negatives this way too.

contact by steve_barry, on Flickr

contact-crop by steve_barry, on Flickr

contact-crop2 by steve_barry, on Flickr