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The tapatalk app I use doesn't seem to show me where a thread is, it just has "new threads posted" and a list, I'll investigate but it's still a good idea to add a full address if you're posting an event including zip code since often there's multiple zip codes for the same street numbers (at least around here) there's for example "500 Main Street" in TOWN X but there are FIVE, 500 Main Streets, with different zip codes, so out of conditioning it annoys the heck out of me when people don't put the full address. Maybe since they built your city decades after mine, they don't have those issues.


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Nothing to be sorry for. I agree it's a good idea to put in complete addresses.

We have our own geographic curiosities in the Denver area. As you drive down a street it will suddenly change its name. To get sales tax revenue, municipalities will annex non-contiguous chunks of land where retail is likely to develop, so you can drive from one town into another and then re-enter the first town miles away.