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I should have posted to the lounge? Maybe someone can move it?

The plastic. Hum. I will try one w/out the plastic.

I wonder how lightroom 4's moire filter would work on it. I only have version 3.

The reason for scanning : how I am working now, I develop one roll of film a night (instead of six or seven once a week like I used to). I like to look at the contact sheet right away, and sit with it for a while before I print. So this is way more efficient than printing one wet contact sheet every night.
I understand making darkroom contact sheets can be impractical sometimes. Immediacy is not usually associated with film shooting these days. If you made one contact sheet per day, perhaps you should look into using chemical trays that you can seal up? Like something you would find in a cooking supply store, or similar. That way you can have very easy clean-up by just covering the trays back up, and then use RC paper for very quick washing. Just a thought. If you have a good process laid out for it I doubt it would take more than 15 minutes to do.

The Lounge is also not for digital... Sorry. As far as I can recall, the only digital discussion allowed is something surrounding scanning or photographing prints or negatives to show in the gallery.