Selling my Toyo 45CX monorail camera. I bought this in like new condition and it was my gateway into shooting large format and buying a whole bunch of other cameras. I've now got an 8x10 monorail with reducing back so
I'd like to pass this one on to someone else who wants to get started. Sale includes:

* Toyo 45CX camera and monorail (bellows light tight and no damage)
* Rotating 4x5 back, grid ground glass in excellent condition with no damage
* Toyo sliding roll film back -- this is in rough condition and needs a Mamiya Press roll film holder
* Original Toyo lens board for Copal 0
* Two unused lens boards, Copal 0 and Copal 1 (eBay Chinese models)

The only issue I know about with this camera is that there is a tiny bit of play in the rear focusing standard when it locks down. It needs to be adjusted or tightened somehow and I just haven't bothered.

Asking $250 including shipping in Canada or the US. Paypal accepted or Interac from Canadians is great too.

If you want a lens I will include an excellent condition Fujinon-W 135mm F5.6 for $150. Lens is not available for sale separately.

Thanks for looking, feel free to ask questions or make offers.