Given that E-6 is literally at death's door, and APUG is a film-centric enthusiast forum, I don't see the harm in engaging in a little good-natured speculation about the future of color film. Once Kodak's latest MP film contract expires C-41 will likely find itself in the exact same predicament that E-6 is in right now, thus spawning another round of these same good-natured discussions.

As for the mantra that "people have said in the past...", well, the past is in the past precisely because we are now in what was once the future. I'm pretty certain that only a few short years ago Kodak could never have imagined reinventing itself into a box-printing company (or whatever it is that they are, or want to be, right now), let alone a bankrupt box-printing company. Yet look at them today. Times changed.

Similarly, who would have predicted that Fujifilm would diversify their film operations to the point where it appears that facial cream is now more important to their bottom line than photographic film? Yet look at them today. Times changed.

Times do change. Market conditions do change. Opinions do change. It's an inescapable fact of business and life. Just because something doesn't make sense yesterday for one company doesn't always mean it won't make sense tomorrow for another company.

At least for the glass-might-be-half-full camp.