Hasselblad has made some strange glitzy co-branding items for some time---I remember seeing a truly awful display of their stuff in the Frankfurt airport, maybe including that Ferrari-decor camera posted upthread.

The thing is, the heart of their market used to be pro photographers, and they've lost much of that market to the high-end DSLRs now; they have their business in big digital sensors priced out of any normal retail range, but even that must be a shrinking market, and it's one that's more vulnerable to commodification than the old film-camera market was. Complex mechanics done with stellar ergonomics have a certain intrinsic value, because they're hard to do together; but if you no longer need the mechanical complexity, the functional heart of your product (the CCD) is a commodity, and all you have to compete on is good ergonomics and a brand name, that's a tough freakin' situation.

Sure, they probably should "target the large premium market in Asia". But with what kind of product? A high-dollar fancy camera that relies on glitz and status rather than special functionality? That's exactly what this disturbing product is supposed to be, I think.