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What, film in general or E6?

Truth is, I generally prefer prints and print film, but I've been shooting mostly slides the past couple of years when I shoot color because I DO like to project them and I figure I'd best do it while I can.
Film in general but particularly E-6 since its next to go probably. I try not to put down films that I don't like that are still in production, like I'll bash EFKE because it was terribly unreliable and no longer around, but I won't talk about Foma even though most of it isn't to my liking. The only one I hate on is Tmax400 and only because I personally can't get the look I want from it, but many like it so I'm more loud about it because I can't figure it out, I'm sure it's great, I just suck at using it LOL.

But yes E-6 needs our support! Please! If you can, shoot a roll/sheet and show people how beautiful it is! (I actually carry a non-pick image in my wallet to show people the colors of a 120 shot I took of a model, it gets people excited (about film).

You can't say the same about looking at portra (at least not as much).

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