I recently bought an early Nikon Q 135 3.5 lens. It's a non ai lens, and surprisingly sharp! The only Nikon cameras I own are a Nikkormat FT2 and an EM that I hacked to shoot non ai lenses. The problem is that I normally shoot Tri-X w/ a yellow filter, and need more shutter speed to open the lens in bright sun to shoot portraits. The lens gives nice bokeh at f3.5 if you get the right background, but both my cameras top out at just 1/1000. I have: plenty of Tri-X, a yellow filter, and a polarizer. So my options are: 1-to shoot w/ the yellow filter and the polarizer. That should give me plenty of opportunity to open the aperture, but I'm concerned about vignetting and image degradation. Or, 2-just shoot w/ the polarizer and set the iso at 100, figuring that the polarizer will cost me 2.5 stops. Not sure I'll get the added contrast the yellow filter gives me w/ this idea though. Or, 3-just use my regular yellow filter (which seems to lose about a stop), and set the iso at 100. I could always buy some 100 iso film of course, but I do like Tri-X, and it's already here. My developer is usually D76 by the way. However, I have Acufine and Fomadon R09 as well. What I DON'T want is to end up w/ flat negs or big grain. Any ideas?