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OK, let's add to the list of predictions I make that nobody will listen to. It will be the absolutely correct answer for as long as HARMAN exists.
You may very well be correct, Sal. Or you may not.

One of the most difficult things in life I've found to be the case is the attempt to get people to set aside their comfort, fear and inertia in order to try peering into the future. It's an enormously difficult and stressful task for most individuals. And the reasons behind that difficulty have always escaped me, as it's something that I've found just comes as second nature.

The collective comfort that comes from actively ignoring the past. And the fear that a person has that they might be seen as wrong, especially in public. And the inertia that comes from repeating the exact same thought processes over and over. And any other personal agendas which may be at work. All of these play a part, I'm sure.

But that stubborn refusal to even consider any possibilities beyond the immediate present just baffles me no end. Just asking someone to take a peek into the crystal ball is like pulling teeth. It's as if time for these individuals has frozen in the current moment, now and forever.

Which, I suppose, also helps explain your difficulties with getting people to listen to your predictions...