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Now for a Sub Category: Those who need hearing aids.
All the shop work and other loud environments have worked me over. Now for the three grand.

As a younger man nail guns and Skil Saws worked me over too. I have a pair of fully-in-ear aids ($Big) paid for by my employer's insurance years after I had actually incurred the damage. Couple things:
1. If your hearing loss is not recent, you'll have to learn "how" to hear again. This can take some time. 'Be patient' my hearing aid person told me.
2. If loud noise damaged your hearing to a certain threshold the aids work by amplifying sound to some degree louder than that threshold. In my left ear that was 85dB. I thought it was crazy to blast my already damaged hearing with even louder noise so I stopped wearing them quite a while ago. Vanity also played a part too, I'm sure.

My hearing loss was in a rather narrow band of higher frequencies (the saws) and I can get by OK, but women's voices and sounds like 'H' often fall into that band and I don't hear them. My family is patient but it's a pain at times. Sometimes I think it's getting worse in my left but the right is pretty much that of a guy my age-also not pristine. The aids sit in the drawer and I'm hoping they find a drug that re-grows the hairs in my cochlea at that point where that saw sound impinged. Unlikely. You can do like me and be grateful you have your eyes: Looking at my family is often better than listening to them.

Good luck and hope this helps,