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Be aware that this all is a statement of intent. As hinted at repeatedly here at Apug the market at least for middle of the road films is marked by the price. And with C-41 films still available for about a Dollar from high productive competitors, how could a new enterprise described as low volume compete with them?
as I said in the other thread, it's about offering options not available by larger competitors... sizes not available like 127 for example, also another E-6 option, maybe one that isn't over saturated in red/blues and is still beautiful would be an option. If they are able to also to sell their films in kits for example, you could buy a "home pro pack" that consisted of 5 or 10 rolls of E-6 plus the full chemistry packets to process it at home, that would be a great package deal, especially in the US where you can't buy E-6 kits in small amounts anymore (except the 3 bath crap kits).

Lots of ways to compete in a niche market ... just have to be creative.