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Producing a new film just to gain a conversion competitors do not offer does not seem economic under given circumstances.
It's about scale... they only need a small share, and I'll certainly buy their E-6 if it's even halfway good and less than Provia for a lot of color work, Still would use fuji for other work, but can't get that in 127 or 110, or 126, or 70mm or 116/616 etc... get my drift... and there's a lot of cameras out there with no film... I don't think Ilford will do this, it's not big enough for them, at least not now. But they may partner with, or buy out a smaller color production house, perhaps in 10 years, when one or both of the other two film giants collapse, and then it will make sense. it's about timing and market... I'm not saying they should now, that would be dumb, but someday... it might make sense.