Inland Southern California- 92 degrees F right where I am, 33% humidity, no chance of rain, wind WNW @5-10 MPH. Nice day. I prefer less humidity, but that's just me.
Being close to desert, mountains and beaches, plus lots of elevation differences, it's pretty easy to find different conditions. High temperatures can vary around town 5 degrees this time of year.
It's of course hotter 30 miles east where the low desert starts, but still moderate for July; Palm Springs is at 104F. Looking out the window I see lots of clouds over the mountains to the northeast, about 25 miles straight-line; so they might be getting rain, as well might the high desert another 10 miles or so on the other side. The mountain rains are delightful when you're up there; it rains and then the clouds move on, leaving everything sparkling and cooled off. The desert rains are dramatic, with lots of lightning and drenching rain, and utterly stifling humidity after, which is a trip because humidity might well be in the 5% range just before the clouds form.
It rained here on the 20th- very unusual. We almost never get more than a trace in the summer. Sure was nice.