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So many questions...

OK, sheet flm is on 170 micron support so no flimsyness here.
35mm and 120 are on 100 micron PET (just like CHS 100 I was).
The reason for the 120 delay is caused by our large slitter needing to be converted to 61,5mm. Takes some time.
The small slitter is not fit for film anymore. We only use this for backing paper now.
46mm would be another adventure. We have no backing paper with the correct numbers printed on.

That makes sense, yea for 46mm if the backing paper could be created with numbers and "cut here" indicator lines (and possibly "film starts here" lines, even if it's on the top part, just so we can place the film on the back in the right place, even marking the space with a paper clip before going in the dark would work if we had a line to go off of printed on the paper, so when hand rolling we wouldn't have to measure, that would be the best!

I know not everything is possible, but if you put the idea out there, it could help the engineers make the right choices.

Thanks this is all exciting news!

Will this plant JUST make this one film? or will you make others available in these specialized sizes eventually? like silvermax for example cut down to 126/46mm or 70mm would be pretty darn awesome!