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I ordered double perf. for my Fairchild panoramic aerial camera. Yes Mr. Norge still hadn't weighed in but at 5:19 EDT she said "Good News! We will have enough unit order for this item to be produced". I imagine (hope!) that there were orders from other [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]retailers and we three (you, me and Norge, Lauren said there were only 3) are the only users in the world.
Often visit NYC and pass through CT. Grew up in Queens, Mother-in-law is still there. Maybe our paths will cross.

Ya know I didn't ask her how many total, I should have, but maybe tomorrow, don't want her line to be busy when another order is attempted... oh so then you're not the one she meant, so I guess you put us over the top yay!

I asked her why freestyle didn't order a few rolls themselves, I can't imagine it wouldn't sell in the next year before the next ULF ya know? but she said because it's so specialized her boss' wouldn't let her haha.

OH well... glad we're all good, but don't miss out guys! just order!

And yes that would be cool, there's another guy in CT who we keep trying to hang out, did once and I forgot my camera! I was in a rush not to be late and forgot I had taken it inside and not left it in my car the night before. I always wondered if he thought I was making it all up haha.

Let me know when you're around.