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My guess is that 3M E 6 will be late 70s or early 80s emulsion, I doubt that Ferrania updated prior to pulling the plug on production sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, the last C 41 Solar 100 and 200 I used was a newer film developed in the 90s, as I recall the grain was good with a shift towards yellow. I have a few rolls of Solar 100 in the freezer. I need to check out smy slides from the
70s, I shot a fair amount with the old 3 M E 6 sold at K Mart, I dont recall off the top of my head if it was an ASA 64, 100 or 200. The last I looked they have held up over the years, unlike GAF which are all fading. .
OT: was the GAF film not properly cleared and has just gotten fogged or something else? I've only used B&W GAF was there also color? I love shooting this old stock of GAF that I have and it would be good to know now if something about it won't hold up... haha. Thanks.

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In the 90's the Scotch branded films from Ferrania were amongst the fastest in the world. Actually then they offered the fasted E-6 push-film ever (EI 3200).
OH WOW that's awesome! Maybe they can replace the Provia400X with something of their own creation. I never really found 400 speed film as useful as 800 speed. If the light isn't there for 100, 400 just isn't enough for me most of the time... so I hope they maybe make an 800 speed E-6 that would be super awesome!