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Well I just got some interesting results. I shot some Vision2 250D film. I always modify the ECN-2 developer to use 5.2 mg/L CD3 instead of 4mg. Also, I use Calgon instead of Kodak AntiCal #4 as the latter is only available in huge quantities

This time I developed the film for 4 minutes at 106 deg F, then did the rehalogenation thing, redeveloping for another 4 minutes.

Printing the results on Ektocolor Edge, the colors were dead on accurate, with no detectable crossover, and contrast was almost to where I wanted it. (I also modified my RA4 homebrew to use 6mg/L CD3 instead of 5mg). The addition of 2ml/L hydrogen peroxide give an excellent result.

A couple of observations: The pictures are razor sharp; the redevelopment must do something to increase sharpness. But there is enhanced grain, especially in the blue color. I'm not sure if much can be done about that.

I'll probably fine tune the contrast with H202 some more, but all in all, I really like the rehalogenation/redevelopment technique where ECN-2 film is to be shot for RA4 printing rather than scanning.
Are you able to scan them too? can we see a straight scan result vs a print result of the same image? I'm about to do my first run on the ECN-2 shot with an amber flash to compensate for the Tungsten (mine is 500T) and JUST today got in my 85B filter, so I'm going to go through another roll today/tomorrow and develop both, but before I do, I would like to hear advice on the full process, all the chems etc. I don't mean to be greedy since you seem to have done the legwork, but I also can't fiddle too much on my budget haha.