looks like i got a little to excited with my med format drive. got the camera, a few lenses and some film. developed the slides and wow, i was blown away. but now what? i have a minolta 5400 scanner and a projector for 35mm but nothing for the 6x7. well went to my local camera store where i bought the camera and the guy who sold them the pentax system brought in his hasselblad pcp 80 projector. comes with 3 trays, 4 spare lamps, 60 gebe N glass mounts and a few extra things. is in mint condition except for the lens fell and cracked the outside edge which was glued back on. they assure me it doesnt effect the picture and looking at it i dont see how it could effect the pict. but it comes with a 14 day return policy. also on craigs list there is a rollei P11 dual format projector with lamps for 35mm and 6x6 projection. 2 35mm trays but no 6x6 trays.

i can get the pcp 80 for under $1,000 and the rollei is asking $380. the only thing holding me back is having to trim by slides down to fit in a 6x6 mount. i can compose them going forward to fit, but why not get e 6x6 camera? the 6x7 projector options are more than im willing to spend. i figure if there are any real keepers that i'll just pay for a good drum scan of the one or two off slides.

so, any thoughts? does anyone else crop their slides to fit 6x6 mounts?