New guy here. I just started shooting and developing 4x5 (Ilford Delta 100). When I say just started I mean just started like I've shot 8 sheets of film, screwed up 6 during developing because I didn't put the film in the tank right and the sheets laid on top of one another, and of the two negatives that I managed to develop right I got one good scan and print. One was grossly over-exposed. The exposure issue was the result of bad habits picked up from shooting digital since 2006. I figure it can only get better from here.

I'm really glad that I started with Ilford. I like a company that supports their users.

And I filled out the survey. I said Maybe on the "would I use someone else's darkroom" part. Seems to me a darkroom is like my reloading bench in that it is a very personal space. I wouldn't want some stranger in there moving my stuff around.