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But compared to the real competition (d******), it could be.
That's each individual film photographer's call to make. As such I can only speak for myself, and it's not real competition for me. If color film dies, I will simply move entirely to black-and-white film. If black-and-white film dies, I will coat glass plates using PE's reportedly excellent book/DVD resource.* But I will not move to digital imaging as a replacement for photography.

To the extent that there may be a sufficiently large group of others like me, a possible niche market may exist for follow-up color film products after the existing over-capacity players have exited the stage. Determination as to whether such a group exists will be part of the due diligence required before taking any decision to move forward to address such a market.

If reports are true, however, it sounds like at least one Italian company may have actually moved beyond that due diligence stage.

Only time will tell...


* Don't tell him I said that. I don't want him discovering that I might actually be a decent fellow...